GCR Builders LLC


Seabrook Trellis Remodel

After Trellis Remodel

This home had a small upper porch with a defective beam that supported the third-floor exterior wall.
The change is breath taking..

Client Review of Trellis Remodel

The owner, Scott Barker, prepared a detailed room by room scope of work, which was kept onsite and followed by the crew. I received photos from him each week of the work completed, and progress made. Due to the size of the job, there were a few instances where we had to change the way the work would be done. At those times, either he or his onsite supervisor were there to show me what was going on, why they had to make the change (issues inside the walls, engineer or city requirements, etc.) and how they planned to best correct things. Both Scott and Eddie went out of their way to ensure even the small things were attended to for me. The quality of work GCR Builders produces is excellent, and I am happy to recommend them.

Before Picture: This picture shows the beautiful transformation of a home on the water in Seabrook by adding a trellis and enlarging the porch.

During Tellis Remodeling

The porch was re-framed and enlarged.
Cantilevers were added, and support braces were built.
A 32’ support beam was installed in the living room ceiling to stabilize the trellis porch and the exterior 3rd floor wall.
The railing and trellis roof was built to specs.
The trellis addition was primed and painted.
We also installed new exterior lights, Show case windows and Neuma impact glass patio doors.