GCR Builders LLC


Historical Bathroom Saved!

The Problem

1. This historic 1886 home in Galveston had a second-floor bathroom with a subfloor destroyed by years of water damage and rot. The damage had been covered over--a dangerous accident waiting to happen.

The Solution

2. ...was to remove the damaged floor joists and sub-floorboards and rebuild a secure floor.

3. The bathtub and the water-damaged walls were removed and a walk-in shower with a bench was built.

4. A custom shower pan was installed. The bench was finished out with tile and a recessed shampoo niche was created.

5. Dramatic black and white tile was installed with a decorative glass tile accent. A new shower valve and trim completed the transformation.

6. What emerged from the bones of the house was a beautiful bathroom. Our entire team was very proud to be a part of this restoration.